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Mindful Psychology Associates

Our Licensed Clinical Psychologists work with adults, adolescents, and children; we are all trained as generalists but specialize in treating anxiety, depression, college student mental health, trauma, relationship concerns, body image/eating disorders. We provide psychotherapy, as well as psychological assessment.

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psychological testing

Professional psychological assessment services can help you determine if there are any learning or other barriers to academic success. Our services can range from assessment for a specific issue to a full psychological assessment. Our testing clinicians are experienced in both administering tests as well as providing a cohesive, helpful report with specific recommendations and goals.

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Evanston therapy

Author and therapist Dr. Jennifer Panning provides a unique perspective on integrating a mindful approach with a rich tradition of therapeutic standards to help us deal with life’s challenges.

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Our Approach

Our Licensed Clinical Psychologists work with adults and adolescents, specializing in anxiety, depression, college student mental health, trauma, relationship concerns, body image/eating disorders utilizing an integrative approach.

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Our Therapists

Dr. Jennifer Panning


Evanston psychologist Dr. Panning has more than 15 years of clinical experience working with adolescents through older adults and have significant experience in college student mental health, mood disorders, mind-body modalities including relaxation training and clinical hypnosis, eating disorders/body image issues and trauma. See more >>

Dr. Brian Kong-

Dr. Brian Kong

“Across all therapeutic modalities, I aim to maintain a safe space, which allows both therapist and client to collaborate as well as engage in natural conversation. These interactions provide opportunity for better understanding of current difficulties, through which meaningful and empowered change can ultimately be pursued.” See more >>

Dr. Heather Stephenson

Dr. Heather Stephenson

Therapy is often difficult, and I work to create a safe space for each client to allow for authenticity and genuineness. I tailor therapeutic interventions to the specific needs of each client with the goal of empowering my clients to make meaningful decisions regarding their wellbeing and safety.” See more >>

Dr. Rachael Sytsma

Dr. Rachael Sytsma

“I believe that therapy is only as good as the relationship between a client and therapist. Thus, it is my goal to get to know every client on a deeper level in order to foster a solid, healthy, therapeutic relationship that can provide one with opportunities to learn, be challenged, feel supported, and grow.” See more >>

Dr. Christine Yoo

Dr. Christine Yoo

“I like to think of therapy as the search for balance in one’s life. For many, it begins with seeking greater understanding about one’s concerns and situation. With that understanding, a new narrative of life’s experiences and meaning can be found.” See more >>

Marina Murphy

Marina Murphy

I believe that therapy can be a transformative process and it is an honor for me to get to help my clients work through their current life struggles to get to their desired goals.See more >>

Dr. Amanda Lorenz


“People face difficult emotions and thoughts in their lives. The journey through these challenging times should not have to be alone. In therapy, I offer support and guidance in how to navigate through life.” See more >>