Evanston Psychology Office Featured on Design Blog

Mindful Psychology Evanston

Freshpractice.design recently featured the Evanston offices of Mindful Psychology Associates on their popular interior design and therapy office decor blog. Calling the space “contemporary and classy“, they interviewed founder and president Dr. Jennifer (Panning) Contarino about how the offices were designed with clients in mind.

“I hope they are soothed by the artwork, accessories, and plants — all of which were chosen to contribute to a welcoming, thoughtful, and professional environment,” says Dr. Contarino. “They will see hints of nature throughout our offices — in artwork as well as plants in each office — which is a small way to bring the healing element of nature into our space.”

The blog features “fresh office design for therapists, by therapists” to help professionals find ideas to provide comfortable, safe spaces for their sessions.

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