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At Mindful Psychology Associates, our psychologists offer a personalized treatment approach to fit your unique needs. Many types of therapeutic methods are employed and our practitioners are skilled in both short-term and longer-term psychotherapy.

Our hope for our clients is to live meaningful lives, understand their emotions, accept and care for their emotional health and develop self-compassion. We believe that individuals are unique and complex, and that our clients are resilient and self-aware. Some therapy clients come to us for a few sessions to help with a life transition; others with longer-standing concerns may be in therapy for years. As therapists, we want to know if you are feeling like you are growing and learning about yourself in therapy.

Each of us believes in transparency — we want to know if you are unhappy with your progress, if you are wanting to know why we are focusing on a specific issue, or if you are feeling like you are doing much better and wish to finish your time in therapy. Each of our qualified psychotherapists have helped women, men and adolescents cope with a variety of life issues, tough times in life, and with longer-standing chronic mental health conditions.

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...for general inquiries, please fill out our contact form. To schedule your first session, please fill out our scheduling inquiries form. You may also call us at 847-864-0600.

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During these extraordinarily stressful times, Mindful Psychology Associates therapists will be providing telehealth through a secure video platform or telephone session. Our existing clients—as well as prospective new clients—can talk with one of our experienced therapists. You can reach us using the contact info above.