group therapy

Group Therapy

In addition to seeing a therapist one-on-one to work with you on many types of issues and skills, sometimes you'll find a group setting can be very beneficial.

Group therapy sessions are led by one of our qualified psychotherapists and may include from five to 12 people. These groups may be ongoing or run for a limited period of time in order to work on a particular skill set.

Talk to your individual therapist about whether a group might be right for you.

Mindful Psychology Associates offers several group options. Virtual therapy groups are currently being held via Zoom. Check out some of the groups below. You can sign up using our scheduling inquiries form or contact us with any questions.

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During these extraordinarily stressful times, Mindful Psychology Associates therapists will be providing telehealth through a secure video platform or telephone session. Our existing clients—as well as prospective new clients—can talk with one of our experienced therapists. You can reach us using the contact info above.